Billing Policies

Gard Mediation LLC Billing Policies

Mr. Gard charges $350.00 per hour for two-party mediations, $400.00 per hour for three-party mediations, and $450.00 per hour for multi-party mediations where more than three parties are involved at any stage of the mediation. An administrative charge equal to one hour is added to each mediation to cover administrative costs. Preparation time may be charged at the hourly rate if mediation statements, pleadings, or other written materials are submitted for consideration prior to the mediation.

Mr. Gard does not charge for travel time to mediation in the Northeast Florida area.

Travel time is charged for mediation outside the Northeast Florida area at half the normal hourly rate. Counsel are expected to and must agree to be responsible for the payment of all mediation charges within thirty (30) days of receiving a written invoice for the mediation.

Payment of mediation fees is not conditioned upon the receipt of settlement funds.

Invoices will either be delivered to parties and their counsel at the conclusion of the mediation or will be emailed to each party’s attorney after the mediation. Pro se parties will be required to pay a deposit of $400.00 prior to the mediation. All mediations will be subject to a two-hour minimum charge plus the one-hour administrative fee.

Mediation fees will be divided equally between or among the parties unless otherwise agreed before or during the mediation.

If a mediation is canceled or postponed less than five (5) business days before the scheduled date of the mediation, the minimum two-hour fee will be charged.

If suit is required to collect mediation fees, the Court referring the case to mediation shall retain jurisdiction over the parties and their counsel to enforce payment of the mediation fees, as well as any costs or attorney’s fees incurred in the enforcement or collection of mediation fees. By their participation in the mediation, all parties and their counsel agree to be bound by these billing policies.